Game controls: 

Press A (Z/J, in the browser version)  to interact with characters in front of you & skip dialogue;

Press enter to access the pause mode and save the game.

Press B (X/K, in the browser version) to interact with characters that are 1 tile away;

We are sorry if the controls feels confusing for having two buttons for interactions, but everytime we tried to fix it, our engine softlocked.

In case you're confused, just press both until it works!

About the game:

In a calm, small city, there's a young human called Ari who moved there recently, and works with delivery.  Which is a fairly easy job -- you receive your order, meet with your client, and then you deliver the package. Or so it should be-- 

Embark with Ari in this hectic day for delivery services, in a game full of (bad) puns, cute art and an overall feeling of wholesomeness in a game of around 1 hour of gameplay!

If you download the file, play it with your favorite gb emulator!


Coding&Story&Music&Backgrounds: Chagas12

Story&Character Design&Overall Art: oykdon93 - ko-fi

Made using gb studio


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Ari's Delivery Palooza 126 kB


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very nice thank you! I liked that Ari was very polite :)


The artstyle for this game was stunning. I loved Ari's character and the dialogue at the end made me sob lol. Great story and reallu fun game!


This game was a really fun and cute small journey, with great sprite work. The characer designs are really nice, both humans and animals, and I found myself laughing a lot at the puns. It's short and yet was really fun, I could find myself playing a game like this with children or recommmending for them too. Even got a bit emotional <3 More people should play this! 


Thanks to the portraits of the characters when they appeared, I was able to enjoy them more emotionally!

It was a really good piece! Thanks for the lovely work!


Thank you very much!! I'm glad you liked it 😊



ありがとうございました 🧡


Thank you so much for watching the video!  It took me a while to translate it, but I was able to immerse myself deeply in the world of "Ari's Delivery Palooza", and it became a truly unforgettable work! I also fell in love with Ms. Cass just as much as she became Ari's admirer!



Your sprite work is adorable!


Thank you very much!! <3